Lisa Lam


Actor | Writer | Model | Stand Up Comic

Based in Boston

Local Hire: Boston, NYC, LA

Photographer: Jay Soriano

Photographer: Brandon Tabiolo

Photographer: Valery Adlin

About Me

Photographer: Lavender Lux

Hi! Welcome to my humble slice of the interwebs. I am a Cantonese-American actor, writer, model, and stand up comic. Born and raised in Boston, I am your typical girl next door, if she were also a bit neurotic.


I have worked on such films as “Where’s Kate?” and “Happy Belated”, both of which have won various awards for their filmmakers. You can also find me the Parody News Network - all episodes currently available exclusively on YouTube (so exclusive!).  I am active in the local indie scene and have been in several projects in both lead and supporting roles -  including the one where I’m tied up in a closet (SFW), and the one where I’m a high school principal who keeps sending the new kid, who clearly looks over 18, to her office (SFW). 


I love to make people laugh and am a passionate storyteller. When I am not in front of the camera, raising my two kids, or procrastinating on housework; you can find me writing comedic sketches, probably while eating an unseemingly amounts of gummy bears.


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+1 781 535 1569

Photographer: Valery Adlin